Frequently asked question.

Q: When switching from our current billing company to MCA will there be a delay or a loss in revenue during the transitional period?

A: Delays are possible but not common. Initially you will issue a cut off date on the existing contract with your current billing provider and a start date with MCA. Prior to the new start date our Provider Relations department will contact you to begin the process of changing provider addresses, setting up electronic funds transfers (EFT) for supporting carriers, and building out your billing database/FTP setup. From the MCA start date forward all new claims will be billed by MCA and revenue collection will remain constant.

Q: How do we submit records to MCA for billing?

A: MCA provided ePCR software (ESO Solutions)…other, industry-standard ePCR software packages…electronic submission of scanned paper records via FTP server…fax…standard mail.

Q: Do you support soft billing?

A: Yes. We offer a variety of options…from statement cycles to custom adjustments. Please contact us for details to best suit your needs and requirements. info@mcabilling.com

Q: Can we bill for no-transports?

A: Yes. Historically we find that billing for no-transports typically does not result in significant reimbursement but it helps to weed out ambulance service abuse. We can offer suggestions on an appropriate fee schedule upon request.

Q: Does MCA offer any electronic patient care reporting solution?

A: Yes, we bundle our billing service with ESO Solution’s software suite. ESO has established itself as the industry leader in Electronic Patient Care Reporting. Read more about ESO here: http://esosolutions.com/software

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