Medical Claims Assistance

Medical Claims Assistance

Emergency Medical Services Billing

About Us

We Strive to Exceed Your Expectations. Though we’re solely dedicated to the EMS industry, we are much more than just a billing service. Our clients depend on us to oversee and advise them on governmental...

Our Foundation

MCA is a ground breaking pioneer in billing for Emergency Medical Services! Your introduction to our company will be slightly different from the usual. Yes, we have over 150 clients, over 50 employees, our own...

Our Leadership

How We Began… Tara Hardwick, President and founder of MCA, was introduced to the EMS industry when asked to write the first ambulance software with electronic billing capabilities in 1986. Her background involved monitoring employee...


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To speak with someone about your bill dial 1-800-676-4785 or 1-304-522-7533

New Broker for Kentucky UHC Community Plan & Caresource Medicare

As of January 1st, Kentucky has a new Medicaid HMO, this is UHC Community Plan of KY. UHC Community Plan of KY requires prior authorization...
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Updated Contracts

**Notice to all groups whose MCA Billing Agreements expire on 12/31/2015.   We are diligently working on the new contracts to get them out as...
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Updated Signature Requirements

Click on the link below to see updated signature requirements for Medicare sigsheetinstructions
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Why MCA EMS Billing?

MCA maintains a full spectrum EMS billing service. We cover every critical element related to the billing process ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Three Stage Processing

  • An Upfront specialist for insurance and address verifications.
  • A Processing specialist for coding and billing claims.
  • An Auditing specialist for billing follow-up.

IT/Help Center

  • Manages all state and government systems and requirements for billing.
  • Data exchange between EMS and major hospitals.
  • Electronic state reporting submission. Electronic storage for patient care reports.
  • On site IT resources for your convenience.

Provider Relations

  • Manages all contract issues between EMS service and carriers.
  • Responsible for provider enrollment for all carriers.
  • Configures EFT (electronic funds transfer) to your local banking branch.

HIPPA Compliance Officer

  • To ensure that billing staff is trained properly for government rules and regulations.
  • Monitors all billing procedures to ensure compliance.


We Will Become Your Revenue Rescue Partner

Is your department struggling to collect every dollar it is entitled to? Is your current billing system hard for your billing staff to use—and expensive? Is staff turnover increasing? If you are experiencing any of these problems, we should talk. We have created our own software to meet your needs.

We Provide Effective and Efficient EMS billing

MCA’s goal is to quickly maximize your revenue and ensure federal and state compliance. Our optimized procedures mean that your data can be captured in our field data collection software and other paper-based data, which is entered faster, with fewer errors. If you have other office software, we can link to it directly to download or capture your information with the assistance of your software IT personnel. Some benefits are:

•Daily transmissions that allow claims to be processed to insurance carriers quickly.

•Information processed to your state EMS office.

•Lose the overhead and headaches attached to medical billing.

•Work with a company with 22 years of experience and over 150 satisfied clients.

•Online connections with many major hospitals to verify insurance and address information.

•Specialized auditing departments who contact insurance companies for claims follow up.

•Three levels of address scrubbing to help eliminate bad addresses.

•Data storage and backup systems.

•Web based patient payment portal capable of processing major credit cards and checks.


8 Denominations of Value MCA offers Customers

1) Economic Value

• Free EPCR Software to Billing Customers

• Leasing Program for Hardware

• No up-front start up costs for Billing

• No “per run” billing fees

• Fees-based on collection rate reduce financial risk for EMS agencies

• Increased revenue collection assures improved patient care quality by being able to provide your staff with state of the art patient treatment equipment


2) Time Value

• We offer electronic submission of patient care records and patient care related documents from EMS agencies

• Electronic claim filing

• Direct deposit of funds from insurance company

• With MCA ePCR software we are able to transmit information to state databases without creating extra work for the squads through dual transmission of information to MCA and state databases with a single synchronization

• Optimize your administration’s time for more important projects

• No filing of paperwork or record keeping will be required with backups being done on our servers daily

• We provide CD’s annually containing all PCR data for in-house data archiving


3) Quality Value

• MCA employs over 50 dedicated people that collectivly have 400 years experience with EMS billing since 1986

• Our Insurance Specialists verifiy all insurance information prior to billing charges to insure accuracy of information provided

• Low turn over in employment assures quality in detail and knowledge of Medicare & State Welfare rules/regulations

• MCA ePCR offers NEMSIS Compliancy

• Internal QA prior to submission to state databases and MCA for billing requirements reduces errors and improves collection turnaround time

• Ownership of our software ensures being up to date prior to Medicare deadlines regarding changes in billing requirements


4) Guidance/Advice Value

• To eliminate any billing worries, we strive to develop a partnership with EMS agencies to provide the best service possible

• MCA Provides training and support for various elements of the business, documentation & MCA ePCR software support

• Credentialing & provider enrollment specialists available for questions about required documentation and provider enrollment

• We analyze agency transport information and provide projected revenue reports prior to contract to allow agencies to know what to expect from our company by giving the ability to see the value in the services we provide


5) Political Image Value

• Revenue brought back into your community from insurance premiums that are being paid by your public allows EMS agencies to provide better quality emergency medical services, without risk to local direct fund raising projects

6) Relationship Value

• Some differences between our company and the competition are, we “care about” our customers. People matter to our business, we want to have a personal relationship with our customers and because of that we develop a bond with our employees. We take care of our people, our people take care of our customers, and our customers take care of us. Additionally we assign a team of profesionals for each agency so that clients will develop a relationship with that team.

• When you call MCA you always get a real person not an automated phone system and you will be tranferred to the familiar voice of your agencies account team leader


7) Simplicity Value

• MCA ePCR Software is providing user friendly, efficient convenience for a minimal cost, all while improving resources

• Run information available via agency website immediately after synchronization

• Quality assurance, run information & reporting available from any PC with an Internet connection

• No internet connection required for data entry at time of patient care, reducing need for paper documentation and double entry for state submission


8) Emotional Value

• Willingness to listen to needs and provide solutions

• Willingness to become personal with customer concerns and reassure the value of opportunities available to their community service. Support the pride you have and the service you offer in your communities

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