EMS Billing - Medical Claims Assistance

Our Staff

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Tara Vosler

Tara is Owner and President of MCA. She founded MCA in 1986 from a request by a local EMS squad to create electronic billing for services rendered. Tara has a background in computer programming and medical billing. She worked at Huntington Alloys for 19 years where she oversaw employee benefits and served there as a systems engineer for five years. It was this experience that ultimately led her to discover the need for a company like MCA. Currently, she oversees the company’s operations and serves as a project coordinator.Tara strives to continually enhance the business in regards to technology, compliance issues, and employee training.

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Kendi Black

Vice President of MCA, has been with the company for fifteen years. She oversees daily operations, enforces quality control, and manages supervisors. Kendi gained experience in every aspect of the company before taking on the role of vice president. She has a degree in health information technology, a thorough knowledge of the ambulance billing arena, and possesses excellent people skills.

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David Jones

Administration Director, has faithfully served MCA since 1997. David’s background is in accounting and he is responsible for the company’s finances and payroll. He also supervises customer and provider relations and coordinates marketing efforts.